LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Total Senior, a leading senior care referral agency, proudly marked its 10-year anniversary this year in May. For the last four of those years, the agency has operated a unique, one-of-a-kind Senior Care Resource Center that welcomes seniors and their families who are seeking information about all aspects of senior care. However, due to the ongoing mental health crisis in Los Angeles, Total Senior has made the decision to relocate from its retail location to a secure office space. This strategic move underscores the agency’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being and security of its community, ensuring a safe environment for all.

Total Senior’s resource center operated in a retail space near Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center and welcomed hundreds of families for consultations and support. While the center endured pandemic closures and limited foot traffic, the safety of staff, seniors, and their families has become an issue due to the escalating mental health crisis in the city. Challenging interactions with individuals facing homelessness and mental health concerns have included subjection to graffiti, human waste, excess amounts of trash, and drug paraphernalia. Individuals dealing with mental illness or addiction have harassed staff members by yelling and consistently banging on the windows. Staff and seniors have felt unsafe, preventing them from confidently approaching the entrance. The company’s neighbors and other nearby businesses have also been impacted, and with no support from the city of Los Angeles.

“While we were able to endure the hardships brought on by the pandemic, the escalating mental health crisis in Los Angeles has severely affected the safety and accessibility of our current location,” said Daniel Sagal, Senior Care Advisor at Total Senior. “Our commitment to serving seniors in need remains unwavering, but we must prioritize their safety and comfort above all else.”

The decision to relocate to an office building in Encino was made after careful consideration and extensive planning. The new facility will offer a more secure and safe environment, ensuring that seniors can access Total Senior’s resources without hesitation. Although the physical location will change, Total Senior will continue to serve Los Angeles and Ventura County seniors, as well as the surrounding areas, providing unparalleled support to seniors and their families during their time of need.

Total Senior extends its appreciation to the loyal customers, neighbors, and nearby businesses for their support over the years. Despite recent challenges, the company remains dedicated to its mission of enriching the lives of seniors and their loved ones through compassionate care and essential services.

“Our commitment to seniors in Los Angeles and beyond remains steadfast,” stated Daniel Sagal “We are still on call to assist those in need and will continue serving the community with the same level of care and dedication that has defined Total Senior for the past decade.”

For more information about Total Senior’s relocation and services, please visit www.totalsenior.com or contact Senior Care Advisor Daniel Sagal at (888) 268-9212 or info@totalsenior.com.

About Total Senior:

Total Senior is a senior care referral agency that provides families and individuals with options to assist in finding the right care provider or senior living community. The company streamlines the search process by providing referrals to providers that match all of a family’s criteria, including budget, geography, and care needs. Total Senior does not endorse or recommend any particular care providers or senior living communities, it is the family’s or individual’s sole responsibility to select the appropriate care provider. Families and individuals are encouraged to tour and/or ask questions of all care providers, as well as research licensing, to ensure they are selecting the one that best fits their particular needs. Services provided by Total Senior are at no cost to families or individuals as care providers pay a fee to Total Senior.

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