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Nursing Home in Los Angeles

Total Senior was founded to help families find the most appropriate senior communities & care solutions for their elderly loved ones. With countless resources to navigate, finding the right care services can be quite a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Our reputation speaks for itself and we look forward to guiding many more families!

If you’re looking for a high-quality nursing home in Los Angeles, it’s important to take the time to do your research. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Rush

Choosing a nursing home is a serious task and shouldn’t be rushed. But unfortunately, many seniors are discharged directly from hospitals to one of the nation’s 15,600 nursing homes, leaving little time for careful research.

To avoid last-minute searches, caregivers and the senior’s family members should make an effort to learn about facilities in their area in advance, according to information provided by government agencies, industry groups, and senior advocates across the country.

Future residents and their families should obtain government records and conduct their own facility inspections before making a decision.

Narrow Your Search

The truth is, some nursing homes have serious flaws. Some are short-staffed, while others serve unsavory, unhealthy food. And some nursing homes are riddled with serious infections.

That’s why families, friends, and their loved ones should avoid procrastinating and begin their search online.

Fortunately, a visit to state regulatory offices to rifle through paper files is no longer necessary and much of the research can be done from a home computer by looking at online libraries of ratings and inspection reports.

The best known government resource is Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare, which uses star ratings from one to five and posts recent inspection documents. ProPublica’s Nursing Home Inspect, a project of the nonprofit investigative news outlet, is another great source of detailed data, including the unredacted portions of government reports, which help put rankings in perspective.

Nonprofit sites are another resource that can help narrow the possibilities. These sites are committed to the welfare of seniors and only recommend quality nursing homes.


When searching for a nursing home in Los Angeles, visit Total Senior to access a database of pre-vetted homes. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can focus on making the right decision.

Choose A Nursing Home Close To Family Members

Consider highly-rated facilities located near relatives and friends. That way, a nursing home resident will have frequent visitors and staff will know that those visitors are scrutinizing the quality of care they’re providing.

Visit In Person

When touring a nursing home in Los Angeles, observe the following:

  • Residents’ grooming (hair, clothing, overall hygiene, etc.)
  • Environment (sound level, atmosphere, and safety)
  • Staff interaction with residents

Look At Detailed Ratings

Before making a final decision, look through the entire rating report to see how the overall rating is determined. Some nursing homes obtain an overall 5-star rating from Medicare but obtain a one- or two-star rating for staffing levels.

Understand that these ratings don’t have 100% accuracy and conditions can change pretty quickly. Look at recent reviews from family members of residents for information that may not be shared by nursing home staff.

Nursing homes with five-star ratings may have a long waiting list and your loved one may need care urgently. Weigh the pros and cons of each nursing home before signing the contract.

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