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Memory Care in Camarillo

Total Senior was founded to help families find the most appropriate senior communities & care solutions for their elderly loved ones. With countless resources to navigate, finding the right care services can be quite a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Our reputation speaks for itself and we look forward to guiding many more families!

Memory care in Camarillo is a form of care provided to seniors diagnosed with illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s, or cognitive impairments caused by stroke or seizure and affecting memory. Facilities that offer memory care help seniors maintain physical health and cognitive stimulation as their illness progresses.

Types of Memory Care in Camarillo

Each individual receives memory care according to their current physical and cognitive abilities. The type of memory care provided will also depend on how quickly memory loss progresses.

Alzheimer’s disease is an illness that leads to gradual loss of memory. Residents in the early stages of Alzheimer’s will be guided through therapeutic programs that assist with memory, logic, and spatial awareness. Seniors will also have opportunities to socialize with other residents in the community with similar physical and cognitive abilities.

Residents with dementia may experience a range of symptoms, such as hallucinations, difficulty coordinating, and problems with eyesight. Staff at a senior living facility will provide activities that help residents with dementia retain mobility and fine motor skills.

Stroke survivors may also struggle with memory and need one-on-one memory care in Camarillo. Staff will help residents relearn how to perform daily tasks and develop techniques to strengthen memory.

Seniors experiencing chronic seizures may have difficulty remembering tasks on their to-do list, recognizing faces, and navigating their environment. Memory care will support residents throughout their day and address any emergencies that may occur.


Signs A Senior Needs Memory Care

It may be time for a senior to obtain memory care if they are experiencing any of the following signs:

  • Changes in behavior: Seniors with memory loss may develop unusual habits and concerning behaviors:
    • Fear of driving
    • Anti-social attitudes
    • Withdrawing from others
    • Neglecting daily hygiene (bathing, grooming, brushing teeth, etc.)
    • Becoming overly anxious or agitated
  • Confusion and disorientation that creates physical dangers: Seniors struggling with memory loss may become confused and disoriented and become more likely to cause a car accident. For example, seniors may forget the rules of the road and ignore a red traffic light. Another sign of confusion in seniors is taking a walk and forgetting how to return home. In these cases, seniors may need memory care in Camarillo.
  • Declining physical health: If a loved one becomes frail or thin, they may be forgetting to shop for groceries or to take medication at the right time and frequency. Some seniors may end up taking more medication than necessary if they forget which medication they’ve already taken.
  • Severe incontinence: Severe incontinence can be a serious disruption in the life of a senior. The caregiver may struggle to meet the senior’s daily needs and begin to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Severe incontinence can also be a challenge for medical professionals who provide in-home assistance.

Memory care may also be the right step if the senior’s caregiver is struggling to keep up with daily responsibilities or has passed away.

If you’re searching for a quality senior living facility offering memory care in Camarillo, visit Total Senior to access a list of pre-vetted senior communities in the area.

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