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Assisted Living in Los Angeles

Total Senior was founded to help families find the most appropriate senior communities & care solutions for their elderly loved ones. With countless resources to navigate, finding the right care services can be quite a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Our reputation speaks for itself and we look forward to guiding many more families!

Assisted living in Los Angeles is housing designed for individuals who need various levels of medical and personal care. Living spaces can include individual rooms, apartments, or shared facilities. Assisted living generally provides a home-like setting and is physically designed to encourage resident independence. Residents may receive services to assist with daily living.

Services Provided by Assisted Living Communities

The services offered by assisted living communities can vary, but often include:

  • One to three meals a day
  • Medication monitoring
  • Personal care, including dressing and bathing
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Medical services
  • 24-hour emergency care
  • Planned social and recreational activities

How to Decide What Services a Resident Needs

When searching for assisted living in Los Angeles, talk with your family and caregivers about what services you need. Take time to consider what services are important to you before visiting an assisted living community to help ease your transition.

Answering these questions may help provide direction:

  • Why do I want/need to change my living arrangements?
  • What daily activities do I need help with (bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, reminders to take medications)?
  • How often do I need help?

What to Look For in an Assisted Living Community

Ask the following questions when evaluating assisted living facilities.


  • Is the residence licensed?
  • What type of insurance does the facility have to protect personal property?
  • How do staff members respond to medical emergencies?
  • What is the visitation policy?

Contracts, Costs, and Finances

  • Does the contract include accommodations, personal care, health care, and support services?
  • Under what circumstances can a contract be terminated, and what is the refund policy?
  • Can the contract be adjusted if the resident needs additional services?
  • What are the payment options for additional services that are needed on a temporary basis (such as nursing care)?
  • How much do various levels or categories of services cost?
  • Do residents have access to any government, private, or corporate programs to help cover the cost of services?
  • What are the billing, payment, and credit policies?
  • Do residents handle their own finances with staff assistance (if able), or should a family member or caregiver be designated to do so?


  • How are staff members trained?
  • What is the staff turnover rate?
  • Are staff members friendly and outgoing?
  • Are staff members available on standby to meet unscheduled needs?
  • Are staff members available to assist residents who have difficulty with memory, orientation, or decision-making?

Residents and Atmosphere

  • Are residents sociable and do they appear happy and comfortable?
  • What do residents, other visitors, and volunteers have to say about the facility?
  • Do the residents seem to be good potential housemates for you or your loved one?
  • Do the residents have similar levels of functioning to you or your loved one?

Facility Design

  • Do you like the appearance of the facility and its location?
  • Is the decor appealing and home-like?
  • Is the floor plan easy to navigate?
  • Do doorways, hallways, and rooms accommodate wheelchairs and walkers?
  • Are there enough elevators?
  • Are handrails available to aid in walking?
  • Are cupboards and shelves easy to reach?
  • Are carpets secured and do floors have non-skid features?
  • Do the facilities have good natural and artificial lighting?
  • Is the residence clean, odor free, and appropriately heated/cooled?

If you’re searching for assisted living in Los Angeles, reach out to Total Senior for guidance, support, and useful information.

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