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Assisted Living: When To Move An Elderly Loved One

Total Senior was founded to help families find the most appropriate senior communities & care solutions for their elderly loved ones. With countless resources to navigate, finding the right care services can be quite a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Our reputation speaks for itself and we look forward to guiding many more families!

Being independent reminds each of us that we are self sufficient. Throughout our lives we do things out of habit and necessity, often overlooking why or how we do them. Unfortunately, there comes a time when daily tasks become more difficult and we require help. Recognizing when this time is right isn’t easy, but we’re here to help.

Assisted Living Factors

In order to help you assess whether you, or your loved one, is ready for assisted living, we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider:

Are daily chores being completed regularly, in a timely manner, and up to par? Check around the house, is everything put away where it should be? Are bed sheets being changed often enough? Is it dusty around the house? Are things breaking down? If you’re beginning to notice the household isn’t as pristine as it once was, perhaps mobility and motor skills are becoming an issue.

Caregivers at assisted living facilities are responsible for maintenance, cleanliness, laundry and all other daily chores. Residents can perform certain tasks on their own if they prefer to do so, but having caregivers ensures that the job will always get done.

Is weight fluctuating? Are meals prepared fresh daily? Is the home stocked with fresh vegetables and fruit? Are meals consumed on a regular schedule throughout the day? Are there enough nutrients in the meals? Are you noticing a trend of “just forgetting to eat” on a regular basis? All of these factors may be telling signs that more help is required.

Weight loss and weight gain can both be attributed to changed in diet. Assisted living facilities provide three well balanced meals as well as snacks each day. Diets can be modified for each resident based on physicians orders. The correct food intake can help improve every aspect of life.

Is personal hygiene an issue? Are showering/ bathing, getting dressed, or brushing teeth becoming more difficult? Is assistance required with showering? Is personal hygiene simply being neglected and forgotten about?

Maintaining good personal hygiene is important to all of us, young or old. Hygiene has a direct effect on overall health and good daily habits could produce better overall health. Caregivers at assisted living facilities are trained to assist residents with bathing, dressing, and all other personal hygiene needs.

Is balance becoming an issue? Is walking and moving around becoming more complicated? Does getting out of bed feel like a day’s worth of work? Is your house suitable for a walker or wheelchair? Have injuries occurred due to issues with mobility and/or balance?

Physical strength is a key part to each of us performing daily tasks. If walking or relocating within the house is becoming an issue, a board and care facility may be the right setting. Caregivers can help patients walk to the bathroom, settle into the dining room for a meal, or just wander around for exercise.

Are doctor’s appointments being forgotten? Is medication being taken on time or at all? Is memory loss becoming an everyday issue?

Memory loss can have an effect on many different daily tasks. The basics such as remembering your daughter’s name, your address, or even your last meal can become difficult. Assisted living facilities have caregivers that make sure residents perform their required daily tasks such as taking medication and showing up to doctor’s appointments.

Is excitement in life diminishing? Are everyday interests and hobbies becoming less satisfying? Are there signs of depression? Has the urge to socialize disappeared?

Many seniors experience depression and the causes are ample. Medications, change in environment, memory loss, or even deteriorating motor skills can all be causes of depression. Living among other residents and having encouraging caregivers within the community can help seniors regain their excitement for some of life’s pleasures.

Is it becoming more difficult to balance a check book? Are finances in line? Are you making payments late? Are you paying the same bill twice?

Finances aren’t easy for anyone, especially for those experiencing memory loss. Keeping track of due dates, amounts due, balances, interest, savings, credits, and other accounting becomes more difficult as physical ability and memory begin to decline. Residents of board and care facilities typically only pay one bill, their rent, which includes everything they need to live comfortably. Agreements can always be worked out with facility administrators for special accommodations.

Aging is a difficult process and we all react to it differently. Some seniors are reluctant to accept help and change while others welcome assistance with open arms. Caregivers are trained to assist seniors with whatever it is they need help with. Some will only need help with managing their medication while others will require assistance throughout the day. Regardless of needs, facilities are able to provide a personalized level of care that keeps each resident happy and healthy.

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