Seniors Grieving the Loss of a Spouse

If your parent or other loved one recently lost their spouse, you are probably wondering what you can do to help them deal with the situation. Especially if you are

Food and Drug Interactions Affecting Seniors

If you or a loved one takes medication on a regular basis, it is extremely important to be aware of the risk of food and drug interactions. Certain types of

Senior Snacks: Easy, Healthy Foods

Snacking between meals is a good way to keep your energy and blood sugar on an even keel throughout the day. Our appetite tends to decrease as we age, and

Fall Prevention: Tips For Keeping Seniors On Their Feet

Injuries sustained in falls send many senior citizens to the emergency department each year. According to the CDC, one out of three adults aged 65 and older falls each year.

Seniors Eating Alone Can Lead To Malnutrition

If you have a parent living alone, you may worry about their eating habits. You might wonder if Mom is looking thin, or if Dad’s habit of eating cold cereal

Depression in the Elderly: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Does Mom not quite brighten up like she used to when you stop by? Has Dad started making excuses to skip his bowling league each week? Maybe your aunt takes

Elderly Dehydration: Signs and  Suggestions

Dehydration is a common condition among senior citizens, especially those living in nursing homes or assisted living situations. As we age, our body’s ability to regulate fluids decreases, and we

Caregiving For Elderly Parents

Taking good care of our parents as they age can be both a rewarding and overwhelming frustrating experience.  Dealing with your loved one’s health issues, medications, financial matters, bills, housework,

Tips For Seniors Recovering From a Stroke

It’s one of your worst nightmares: Mom or Dad has had a stroke. What will this mean for them? What happens next? The aftereffects of a stroke vary widely and

Pneumonia: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Along with the cooler weather and more time spent indoors comes a greater chance of contracting illnesses such as pneumonia. Pneumonia occurs when an infection, caused by bacteria or a