Seniors Eating Alone Can Lead To Malnutrition

If you have a parent living alone, you may worry about their eating habits. You might wonder if Mom is looking thin, or if Dad’s habit of eating cold cereal

Depression in the Elderly: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Does Mom not quite brighten up like she used to when you stop by? Has Dad started making excuses to skip his bowling league each week? Maybe your aunt takes

Elderly Dehydration: Signs and  Suggestions

Dehydration is a common condition among senior citizens, especially those living in nursing homes or assisted living situations. As we age, our body’s ability to regulate fluids decreases, and we

Caregiving For Elderly Parents

Taking good care of our parents as they age can be both a rewarding and overwhelming frustrating experience.  Dealing with your loved one’s health issues, medications, financial matters, bills, housework,

Senior Care Glossary of Terms

As you begin your search for the right senior care community for your elderly loved one, you may encounter various terms, expressions, acronyms, or abbreviations that you may not be

Breaking Through On Hip Fractures

As men and women age, bones become more brittle and prone to breakage. Hip fractures rank among the most common injuries among elderly Americans—and one of the most dangerous About

Deciding when a Loved One Should Enter Assisted Living

For millions of Americans, the lingering question of just when to approach an elderly loved one about entering an assisted living facility sparks immediate anxiety. At what point should a

Elder Abuse: Knowing the Signs

While abuse of children has become one of the most discussed issues facing America today—and justly so—another kind of abuse happens just as often, and receives much less attention. About

For so many concerned adults, deciding when an elderly family member should move to assisted living only comprises half the struggle. So many older adults, regardless of their declining health,