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We all want to leave something of us behind when our time comes. Leaving a legacy can make our older years more satisfying and assure us that we will not

Pets in Assisted Living Pets in assisted living environments  can play a central role in our lives at any age. For many older people, especially those living alone, pets are

As Mom or Dad gets older, you may begin to worry about their driving skills. Is it still safe for them to drive? How will you know when the time

Elder Abuse Signs: Detection and Prevention

As we get older, we often become mostly, or even entirely, dependent on others for our daily care. If we are surrounded by loving caregivers, this can go just fine.

Suggestions for Touring Assisted Living Communities

If your loved one has decided to move to an assisted living community, they may feel overwhelmed with the decision-making process. There is a lot to consider, so expect the

Myths About Senior Assisted Living

There are many myths about senior assisted living. Like all myths, they are often pervasive and difficult to discredit.  Unfortunately, these myths may cause people to avoid assisted living communities

Memory Care Services

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, you are probably worried about their ability to live independently at home. Perhaps Mom forgets to take her medications, or has

The Cost of Assisted Living Versus Home Care

Is your parent or loved one ready for assisted living or home care services? If so, you’re probably wondering if one option is more cost effective than the other. To

Caring for Someone with Aggressive Behaviors

As your loved one ages, you may notice that their personality changes. Some seniors, especially those with some form of dementia, even exhibit aggressive behaviors. You may find that your